Our mission is to facilitate accessibility to Integrative Medicine among low-income and medically underserved people. Integrative Medicine is patient-centered care that focuses on disease prevention and holistic health. It utilizes western and non-western, science-based treatments, such as acupuncture, chiropractic, meditation, physical therapy and yoga therapy, among others.
In order to accomplish its mission, IMA provides education about Integrative Medicine and connects low-income and medically underserved individuals with practitioners who offer low-cost services.
The goals of IMA are:

Serve as a diverse resource of information about Integrative Medicine treatments and how they can be applied to achieve optimal health and wellbeing;

Enable people to locate affordable, culturally sensitive, geographically convenient services;

Connect Integrative Medicine practitioners with underserved clients;

Foster coordination among practitioners to provide clients with a truly integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to care;

Act as a model of low-cost, patient-centered care that focuses on wellness and prevention;

Provide a locus of education for medical students, practitioners and policy-makers on the benefits of Integrative Medicine to the quality of healthcare in the United States;

Collect and analyze data on utilization and outcomes to demonstrate the impact of Integrative Medicine on diverse populations.