Chi Gong

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Chi gong (also spelled “qigong” and “chi kong,” meaning “life energy cultivation”) is a holistic (whole-body) Chinese practice that pairs slow, controlled movements or posture with coordinated breathing and meditation in order to maintain wellness.

Like other practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine, chi gong corrects and prevents imbalances in energy (“chi” or “qi”) within the body. As imbalances in chi can cause illness or pain, daily practice of chi gong helps to sustain good health.

Chi gong can be categorized as either internal (practiced by oneself, after training by an instructor) or external (practiced along with a chi gong master, who transfers his/her chi to the client through touch or projection). Combining chi gong with other treatments, such as herbal medicine and massage, may produce maximum effect.

Scientific studies have shown chi gong to be beneficial to bone health, cardiopulmonary fitness, balance, and mental and emotional wellbeing.