Health Coaching

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Health coaching is a consultative process by which clients learn to identify wellness values, set goals, and make behavioral changes in order to develop a healthier lifestyle.

Considering the mind, body, and spirit, a health coach uses positive psychology to encourage and motivate the client to strive towards healthier choices and wellness goals. The sessions are tailored to the client’s individual needs, as the practitioner guides the client through personal discovery. In this collaborative, structured, and supportive setting, the health coach also holds the client accountable to his/her resolutions and works through both successes and failures to establish long-term results.

Sessions with a health coach may take place either on the phone or in person. A health coach determines the frequency and length of sessions based upon the client’s condition.

Health coaching can be used to manage and treat anxiety, stress, nutrition, and a number of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, asthma, and high blood pressure.

For more information, see Duke University’s description of Integrative Health Coaching.