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Meditation is a mind-body practice in which the client uses a variety of concentration techniques to reach a heightened state of awareness and produce a greater sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

While the contemporary practice of meditation is derived from multiple ancient spiritual and religious traditions, individuals of any religious affiliation may use meditation for purely therapeutic purposes. Meditation is often practiced in a tranquil setting with minimal distractions. In a state of comfortable rest or undemanding movement, the client focuses his/her attention by breathing deeply, repeating mantras (specific words or phrases), or concentrating on an object or image. A common misconception about meditation is that the client aims to clear his/her mind of all thoughts. Instead, the client strives to keep a non-judgemental, open perspective, allowing thoughts to enter and leave the mind naturally.

Meditation can be practiced by oneself or through the help of a healthcare professional. Recommendations for frequency and length of meditation sessions vary depending on the style practiced. Practicing meditation regularly will likely produce the greatest results.

Mediation helps to treat mental disorders, chronic pain, high blood pressure, and many other conditions.